California Senior Housing 2009


The Streaming Knot

The principal planning : The rule of placing houses is a knot theory. Each house is attached to next houses like a knot.
By this manner, while whole housing becomes homogenous, each house has its own privacy at the same time.

Sustainable Development : To minimize earth work and save existing natural environment, location of housing is chosen to terraced area. By facing south,
all the houses can get enough sunlight during daytime. Linear shape of the houses makes air ventilation easy.

Water Conservation : Linked roofs design is intended to collect rain water. Because houses are located on the hill side,
rain water runs on the sloped roofs like a stream into a water reservoir. Collected rain water could be used for gardening, cleaning, etc.

Agriculture : Proposed major agriculture is herb planting. Since most of residence are not professional farmers,
planting should not be difficult and herb is easy to take care. It is used for tea, spice, potpourri, etc.

Job creation : herb is a good source to develop secondary industries like soap, shampoo, and perfume.
These industries don’t require heavy machines and special technologies. Furthermore, herb garden itself is a source for tourism.

Recreation & Open Space : Proposed recreation is croquet, which is easy to play for seniors and promenade.
Community garden consists of tea pavilion, where residence can have a cup of herb tea with neighbors with a view of water reservoir.
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