Center for Promotion of Science 2010


Architectural idea of center for promotion of science

Fractal Geometry

This proposal is based on fractal geometry. While the programs are departmentalized, it is split into parts with self-similarity in geometry.
From one point, the programs are divaricated into 5 parts and at each end of branch, divarication is kept going until reach the details of programs.
The hierarchy of programs from top to bottom is rearranged from center to surroundings.

Expandable space and endless growing of space

By this manner, space could be expandable to outwards in a simple rule but becomes complex forms by repeating divarication.
So, even though construction is completed, the building could be expanded from each ends in next phases.
Space can be growing in needs and the building could change its form endlessly.

Fractal program diagram

From inner garden, space is divided into 5 parts. 3 of them becomes permanent exhibition space and one of them becomes temporary exhibition space.
The other one is connected to lobby, which is the starting point of whole events. From the lobby, another inner garden is reached.
From here, seminars/conferences, planetarium, science club, and restaurant/canteen are branched out.
At each programs, divarication continues into smaller programs like storage, restroom, etc.

Lobby is connected from main entrance at one side and at the other side, loading/unloading area is connected to move in and
out equipment easily throughout whole building.
While all the public space is located on ground level, Employees/staff area is located on upper ground level
in order to have privacy and control function of whole space. These spaces are also branched out from central core in geometry.

All the parking is in basement level. Cars and buses should be parked at underground parking space except some VIP parking space on ground level.
Science garden is extension of fractal geometry pattern. It grows from each point, where open air exhibits are showed and connected to Plato by roads.

Eruption structure

Roof structure is made up by connection lines from inner garden to each ends. It looks like erupting out from inner garden.
While each structure is in different length and shape, structure at exhibition space is branching out in symmetry.
From this reason, overall form of the building is very dynamic but exhibition wing is stable.

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site plan
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