Cheongna City Tower 2008


Located at the center of Cheongna new city, the city tower needs to be symbolic meaning of the city. It is not just a tall structure but an urban icon.

Like the city image of Cheongna – Open Window to the world, the world’s best international city,
the sapphire of the world, the city tower must imply energetic,

dynamic and hybrid environment, which absorb multiple cultures and produce new creative, truly international spirit of new generation.

The proposal for the Cheongna City Tower begins by forming a new edge to a tornado structure
by creating a twisted trefoil without redundant surfaces of structure.

Unlike many other buildings, city tower reveals its own structure as a skin to protect vertical circulation core and programmatic spaces.
While the circulation core penetrates program spaces, Structures wrap around them dynamically.
Making dramatic sceneries through openings, Spaces between structures and the circulation core are continually changing.

Structures of the tower started from trefoil shapes.
Rotated and scaled trefoils are stacked up to form wire frames, which support and embrace circulation core and program spaces.
With maximizing openings on the skin of the tower, no redundant surfaces are left. At the same time,
these openings work as visual communication between visitors and city of Cheongna.

The City Tower consists of 3 main levels – Lobby level, Entertainment level, Observation level.
Entrance level is where visitors enter, buy tickets, and take elevator to upper levels.
If visitors want to do skywalking or bungee jumping, their destination will be Entertainment level, which has near view observation deck.
Most visitors will stay at Observation level, where they can do enjoy beautiful sceneries, food, drinks and even more, exhibition or wedding.

Deployed same pattern of the City Tower, landscape becomes homogeneous with the City Tower and lower level facility masses
camouflage under the pattern, which make them parts of landscape.
Embracing the City Tower, Center Park holds luxurious shopping mall and food court.
In between Center Park and the City Tower, inner garden provide the place where visitors can be rest under green environment.
Aqua Park, Kids Park, and Theme Village Park penetrate through Center Park and touch the City Tower.
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