Collider Acitivty Center 2013


Inspired by the great arch in Getu valley, China and desert valley, our design goal is to reconstruct the great arch and valley in architecture.
Getu valley is one of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world to go rock climbing.
The Great Arch, which is more than 200 meter high is perfect place to experience rock climbing with trees underneath.
We imagine the high climbing hall is situated under great arch and has a cave on the wall with trees underneath.
On the top of climbing, you can reach the roof top bar by climbing.
Exterior climbing wall is situated right next to swimming pool.
So, you can climb and swim quickly in turn.

Urban Design Strategy
Although the site is allocated for the building and the park, all the elements in the site are connected naturally by stream of circulation.
Main entrance to the site by vehicle is located south corner of the site.
The road is bifurcated for the main building and the park.
After drop off zone, all the vehicles are parked underground except a few handicapped parking.
Major road, which is crossing the site is for emergency and events usage.
The restaurant on the main level is connected to the outside swimming pool.
Beach volleyball playground, Boulder Park, and Ropetopia are located in order by following of the main road.

Architectural Design Strategy
Design of the new collider activity center is inspired by the nature much like products of WALLTOPIA.
Initial idea is making artificial valley in the middle of building.
Mass of a building is divided by streaming circulation of pedestrian.
Space between two masses become wider in the center and this space will be used for Boulder hall and each walls become high climbing walls.
Divided two masses are shifted to fulfill each function.
The North West wing is playing building, which is for fitness, funtopia, and roof top bar and the South East wing is relaxing and working building,
which is for restaurant, sauna, and offices. 
There are two major approaching way to the building.
One is walking from residential area to the ground level entrance on the south corner of the North West wing and the other is using ramp from
drop off zone on the ground level. 
This ramp is split by green houses, which have moving glass walls to open.
Green house is mingled into climbing hall and divided by boulder hall. By this manner, high climbing hall, boulder hall and
green house are combined as one grandeur space. 
Above this space, space frame structure is arching over.
This structure is covering from each end of green house and making homogeneous form of the building.