‘A wilderness filled with water and living arts in Helsinki, Guggenheim Museum’

As a prominent public place that a number of people from the world visit, Guggenheim Helsinki starts Finns’ lifestyle exhibition to the world. A body of water is stored on the rooftop of the museum in front of Eteläsatam harbour. The water works as a dissolving medium to overcome the prestigious identity of the cultural landmark so that it can promote further artistic experiments enlightened from everyday living Finnish and of the world community as well.

The ten box spaces under the roof can have transformations with hydraulic moving parts enclosing exhibition contents depending on what’s exhibited. As we choose shipping box after selecting gift item, varying exhibition space can be chosen and combined to accommodate from small to large art works. Its arrayed laying of the box spaces gives an opportunity to use the exterior façade when closed as well as exposed in semi-exterior atmosphere depending on the preferred exhibition experience.

Not always the proposed exhibition spaces are perfect for traditional selected art collections but the juxtaposed Finns’ living and their daily activities around the spaces will create a sense of wilderness for rest and inspiration.



small_PANEL 0825_1

small_PANEL 0825_2

small_PANEL 0825_3

small_PANEL 0825_4.