Jeongok Prehistory Museum 2006


Architectural Proposal: Reconstructing the Face of the Plateau

The proposal for the Gyeonggi-do Jeongok Prehistory Museum begins by forming a new edge to the Plateau,
by creating a swollen slope as a thin veil of fluid skin which is structured by fractal geometry
: opening and closing like articulating onto the fluid surface.

As seen from South- Grand Outdoor Concourse-,this newly inscribed surface of transparent glass wall constructs a dynamic identity
: yet from within the museum, this surface traces a new visual trajectory towards the museum.

The wall of the museum can be understood as a rhythm of stratigraphic (physical) and spatial (effective) layering,
within the plateau face, portaling and intensifying its timeless surface.
space diagramcross_sectionelevationperspectivemaster planinterior view