Urban Folly 2011


Urban Shrine
: a place to watch the sky and wright a wish

I propose a shrine in the middle of urban environment. Korean shrine was a place to make a wish and protect a town from harm.
Like that, this shrine is a place to escape from busy daily city life and make a wish tag after watching the sky. This wish tag will be hanged on LED Tube light.

The site is where are a phone booth, which is no longer used and a taxi stand.
The taxi stand will be redesigned as urban furniture and instead of the phone booth, a place to take a rest or
wait for friends while watching the sky and wright a wish on a tag is proposed.

The frame will be made of wood and LED tube light will be connected through this wooden frame.
Wish tags will be hanged on this LED tubes. This will be a bright urban folly at night on busy street.