Urban Folly 2012


We proposed an urban folly as a tool for experience in various height and direction out of one singular viewpoint of city.
Motifs are water pipes and a periscope. Digital webcams are installed in various height pipes and various images from
these webcams are overlaid on eyelevel screen in real time.
Also, folly itself can be turned and moved by circular rail on basement. So, this folly can produce various images by rotating and moving.

The site is where are a phone booth, which is no longer used and a taxi stand.
The taxi stand will be redesigned as urban furniture and instead of the phone booth, a place to take a rest or wait for friends
while watching the sky and wright a wish on a tag is proposed.

The frame will be made of wood and LED tube light will be connected through this wooden frame.
Wish tags will be hanged on this LED tubes. This will be a bright urban folly at night on busy street.