Urban Vacation Housing 2011


Urban Vacation Houses

Temporary Vacation Housing on Riverside Parking lot.

Seoul is divided in north part and south part by Han River and 12 parks are located on riversides.
These parks are important green resources for citizens of Seoul and foreign/domestic visitors.

In recent years, these parks are re-designed by Han River Renaissance Projects.
As a result, more people visit and stay at riverside parks. However, there are no accommodations on riverside parks.

Also, reasonable price hotels are hard to find in vacation season.

Temporary Vacation Housing, which is made of containers, is located on riverside parking lots.
Each unit consists of one parking lot, bath/kitchen floor, Living/Bed floor, and rooftop deck.
Since goal of this project is to provide reasonable price accommodations for visitors,
two container boxes are used with light weight steel structure in order to minimize construction cost and labor.

Size of container box for this project is 2.3(W) x 6.0(L) x 2.4(H). This size is 1m longer than standard parking lot size.
Light weight steel structure lift up containers to provide a parking space and 2nd container is setback in 1m,
which becomes a balcony. Interior spaces are connected by a spiral staircase.